Louise Lanyon

James Lanyon must be doing something right. Not only did he get the uber-chic fashion agency St. Josephine to come in and add even more depth to Easey St Group’s style coffers but he got its founder, Louise Lanyon to tie the knot with him in 2012. Louise, who’s street cred for fashion forecasting is second to none, has built a reputation over the last ten years based on a keen eye and her trademark professionalism. Now, with St. Josephine as a vehicle, she is managing brands that reflect her own personal style.

“It’s about how you bring it all together, how you build a look. Helping buyers build their offer for the season, that’s exciting to me.”

A gifted purveyor of design elements from industrial to European to romantic, and harboring a distinct love of clean lined decadence blended into old-world bohemian, Louise has become one of the many talents driving Melbourne’s vibrant fashion scene.