Mark Grayson

Grayson may have logged over 35 years in the surf, skate, snow industry, but it has always been a labor of love. It all started back when he was 12 working in his uncle’s surf shop.

“Back then after school pay was $2, that and all the pizza you could eat, I loved it. The smell of surfboard wax still takes me back to that place.”

Fast-forward to the present and an idea that started in a damp garage (all the best ones do) has come full circle in what is now Easey Street Group. Not one to sit still, this former competitive skateboarder, and “always at the ready” big wave surfer, was also a founder and former owner of the “Fast Times” retail stores catering to all things skateboarding. A family man at heart, Mark lives down the coast with his wife and two kids.

“Balance has been a real cornerstone in my life. What you do should always incorporate what you love. I feel with what James and I have built here we’ve really achieved that.”